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Ship’s officer training course

We are part of Schleswig-Holsteins vocational schools. Entry qualifications for our college are a intermediate-/secondary school leaving certificate (“Mittlere Reife”) and in most cases a ship mechanic certificate.

Our students obtain their certificates in a two-year course and graduate as state-certified technician or deck officer, in accordance with the STCW Code requirements. With their certificate, the students also qualify to attend a university of applied sciences
(“Fachhochschulreife”). There are no semester fees for attending the school.


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    2nd Maritime NetworX Day

    on September 22, 2019
    If you are interested you can sign up with the registration form until 4th February 2019!

    Are you interested in obtaining a nautical or technical certificate of competency at our school and would you like to watch the training facilities live?

    Then contact us and make an appointment. We are happy to show you the maritime center on the Flensburg campus. Get to know the charming city of Flensburg.

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